Video: The underlying cause of X-linked hypophosphatemia thumbnail

The Underlying Cause of XLH WITH DR. CARPENTER

Dr. Carpenter discusses his experiences studying the cause of XLH

Video: X-linked hypophosphatemia management in adults thumbnail

XLH Treatment in Adults with Dr. Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter discusses the chronic symptoms facing adults with XLH

Video: Clinical features of X-linked hypophosphatemia in children thumbnail

Clinical Features of XLH in Children: Discussion by Dr. Carpenter

Watch Dr. Carpenter discuss his experiences diagnosing children with XLH

Video: Treating adults with X-linked hypophosphatemia thumbnail

Treating Adults With XLH: Dr. Imel Shares His Experience

Watch Dr. Imel provide insights about his clinical experience managing adults with XLH

Video: Role of fibroblast growth factor 23 in regulating phosphate thumbnail

The role of FGF23 in regulating phosphate

Learn about the action of FGF23

Video: Osteomalacia: a hallmark of X-linked hypophosphatemia thumbnail

Osteomalacia, a hallmark of XLH

Learn how osteomalacia affects bones and leads to various skeletal complications

Video: Emily's journey video thumbnail

Emily’s journey | 20 minutes

Emily, a patient with XLH and the caregiver of a daughter with XLH, discusses her journey with Dr. Zaritsky, including the barriers she had to overcome to get diagnosed, in this recorded XLH event

Video: Cheryl living with X-linked hypophosphatemia video thumbnail

Meet Cheryl

See how Cheryl manages living with XLH

Video: Sean and James living with X-linked hypophosphatemia video thumbnail


See the real-life consequences of XLH

Video: Natasha living with X-linked hypophosphatemia video thumbnail

Meet Natascha

See how Natascha tackles her XLH every day