What is XLH?

XLH, or X-linked hypophosphatemia, is a hereditary, progressive, and lifelong condition that can affect children and adults regardless of age. XLH causes weak and soft bones and can lead to many other symptoms, including bowed legs and rickets, poor muscle development, and poor dental health.

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Elizabeth, her mother Jean, and her son Simon, living with XLH

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Simon, living with XLH

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Becky, living with XLH

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XLH is an inherited condition, which means it runs in families. In some cases, XLH may occur spontaneously.

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New symptoms of XLH may appear at any age and can worsen over time. Understand the progression of XLH.

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Individuals with XLH will continue to experience symptoms throughout life. These symptoms may be managed.

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As part of the in-clinic XLH-DMP, you can track your or your child’s health over time.

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A specialist in X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH)

As a parent, you are the first to recognize when things are out of the ordinary with your child. As an adult, you know yourself best. Trust your instincts and raise your concerns with your child’s or your doctor.

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